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Mod Install - Safe Mode On - Parse Error Fix

Started by pjavier_garcia, March 19, 2008, 09:00:07 AM

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Here is a tutorial on how to get your mod installed if you can't have the Safe Mode turned Off.

You will need:
FTP Client
Unziping Utility

Step by step instructions:

1. First you will go to the Admin section of your SMF and go to the Packages

2. Go to Download Packages and on the Upload a Package area click the
    Browse and upload the .zip or other archive file containing the mod.

3. Once the message "Package has been downloaded successfully"
    is displayed it's time to fire up your ftp client.

4. Using your ftp client login to your hosting and here we will change the
    permissions on the files and folders of your SMF install.

5. ** The following instruction is based on using "FileZilla" **
    Right click the SMF Install folder and select "File Attributes" on the
    "Change File Attributes" screen change the numeric value to "777"
    without the quotation marks, then select the "Recurse
    into subdirectories" checkbox and select the "Apply to all files and
    directories" radio button.

6. Once the previous step has finished which should take a few minutes
    depending on how big your SMF install is, we will browse over to your
    SMF install root folder, then go to the "Packages" folder here create
    a directory called "temp" all lowercase and without the quotation
    marks, once created right click the folder and change the File Attributes
    to "777" as we did before.

7. Unzip the archive file containing your mod to a folder on your
    computer and upload the contents of the folder to the "temp"
    folder we just created in the "Packages" folder of your SMF install.

8. Once finished uploading select the "temp" folder and Change the
    file attributes once more as we did previously.

9. Now in your web browser go to the "Admin" section of your SMF
    install go to the "Packages" section then "Browse Packages"
    and then click on the "Apply Mod" link for the mod that you would like to

10.  A screen with the name of your mod and a list of different files
      that will say "Test successful" and "Skipping file".

11. Re-do steps 6 and 7 and right after it's done do not wait more than
     15 seconds and press the "Install Now" button.

12. Voila your Mod should have installed successfully

** It is critical that you do not give the FTP client time to disconnect
** after you do anything with the "temp" folder once the FTP client
** disconnects the "temp" folder gets deleted and you must do it all
** over again.

Enjoy, hope this helps out a lot of people like me who tried for a long
time many different things unsuccessfully. If it works out for you please
post your outcome I'd love to know if it works out for everyone.