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Started by Spennig, March 19, 2008, 10:45:05 AM

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Ok, I ran into this on 1.1.x, and don't see it here either, but I could be nuts. IS there a place to force registering members to enter their birthday for age verification? All my users have ever had is a box "Are you over 16?" ... needless to say, with me running a gamer-based site, some people lie. I'd like to try and make it a bit more secure, so that we can control the agre-range access for people better, since we have some of our boards set up wtih ratings, kinda like TV/movies, some G, some PG-13, etc.

Any suggestions?


Admin > Registration > Settings

Age below which to apply registration restrictions


Quote from: karlbenson on March 19, 2008, 10:49:59 AM
Admin > Registration > Settings

Age below which to apply registration restrictions

I've done this, that's what put the check box in, it didn't put in anything to force birthday entry. So anyone can just hit the checkbox, and it doesn't require the birthday entry for verification.

Most of my forum people are honest, but there's always the one or two morons I'm trying to keep away from my content.


Even if you require birthday entry, what is there to stop people entering a fake DOB? As long as you make it clear that the area is only suitable for people over a certain age, you should (hopefully, IANAL) be covered. You can't completely stop people lying without requiring them to scan their birth certificates/passports etc.


Well like said it's not possible to verify the details they put in, but to add the DOB field to the registration process try the code in this thread:
Sign Up Process, Required info
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I just want it in case some raging idiot comes back at me with "OMG WTF that person's not 18, you're aiding a minor in perversion, or some garbage, as has been threatened by idiots who I won't give access , because they have the maturity of an immature tadpole. ^_^

And I just looked at that link, Rumbaar... is that valid for 2.x too?


Well for SMF 2.0 I'm sure should be the same.  I know SMF 2.0 has the ability for custom field and also inclusion of Standard Profile Fields, but it seems DOB isn't one of them.

I think the only major changes are to the $txt[] strings.  But I noticed SMF 2.0 has the function template_profile_birthdate() which might be able to be called directly from the Register.template.php.  Will have to look into this 'callback' function that seems to be used to populate fields.

I have to admit things seemed out of place with SMF 2.0 for me, might be 'cause I'm so used to 1.1.* layouts.

Looking some more if you can get $context['profile_fields'] to equal 'birthdate' in relation to the Register.template.php I'm sure the DOB field will be included.  Now I just have to work out how to do this :)
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from a legal stance, you can use their account data to show that they falsified their age when signing up.

The caveat is that should you find out someone is underage, you must remove them.

Theres no real way to have a proof of age type thing, not without requiring them to send/email/fax you legal ID.  At least, not automated.  Computers just aren't smart enough to know the true age of someone (for all you know i could be nine years old).  In reality, i only act that way :D!
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