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Started by Han, March 19, 2008, 12:35:02 PM

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I've updated my forums from SMF 1.14 to SMF2.0 beta 3. My board uses the dutch languagefiles. (for the jpg below I've set my board temporary to english)
All went well during the update, except for one little problem. I can't figure out, why this goes wrong. It's about the calender settings. It must be a local problem and no bug because on my testforums all works fine.   I don't use mods.

I don't want holidays and birthdays on the boardindex, just on the calender. The setting I have is okay but holidays and birthdays still show on my boardindex.  "Max days in advance on board index" works fine but the setting only to calender does not work.

I've uploaded the files below again to try and correct the problem, but with no succes.
- sources\Calendar.php
- sources\ManageCalendar.php
- themes\default\BoardIndex.template.php

Are there more files involved use this function?

PS) In the attached jpg you can see the setting I have for my calender.


I can confirm this as a bug rather than an issue unique to you. ;) I just tried on my own forum.

Though it's been fixed in SVN. 
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Hmm, thats weird. Why doesn't it happen then on my testforums???

Ahhhh I know......, the "Max days in advance on board index" does not have any birthdays and holydays for the time I've set there.

What is SVN?
Is there a workaround for the time being??

Can someone move this topic to "Bug Reports" for me, as it is now officially a bug.


It has been fixed by the devs for the development version. Which means it will be fixed in the next beta.

I'm not sure whether its possible to dig out the fix.


It would be great if there could be a fix before the next beta arrived but when that's not possible..., okay I will wait for the next beta.


In Subs-Calendar.php

Code (find) Select

if (empty($params[\'include_holidays\']))
$return_data[\'calendar_holidays\'] = array();
if (empty($params[\'include_birthdays\']))
$return_data[\'calendar_birthdays\'] = array();
if (empty($params[\'include_events\']))
$return_data[\'calendar_events\'] = array();

Code (replace) Select

if (empty($params[0][\'include_holidays\']))
$cache_block[\'data\'][\'calendar_holidays\'] = array();
if (empty($params[0][\'include_birthdays\']))
$cache_block[\'data\'][\'calendar_birthdays\'] = array();
if (empty($params[0][\'include_events\']))
$cache_block[\'data\'][\'calendar_events\'] = array();
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