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From Beta 3 to Beta4 (RC1 .. )

Started by insanehsp, March 21, 2008, 07:25:47 AM

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One short Question, i hope that somebody can answer.

Will there be an upgrade from Beta3 to the next Release?

(Sorry for bad englisch)
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Of course, there's always an upgrade. I think you can even still upgrade from YaBB SE 1.5.5.
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Yes. You will always be able to upgrade from every version of SMF to the most recent version.
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There will as already said, be an upgrade to future versions as there always has been.

There will however not be a package manager patch update type system in place for 2.0 until after 2.0 goes final. Basically this just means each time you upgrade you will have to reinstall the mods installed on your forum until SMF 2.0 goes final.
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