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question on upgrade path

Started by npereira, March 21, 2008, 02:35:42 PM

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Hi all,

Just installed a fresh new Beta on my test site... At first glance, I love the new additions...

1 question: I presently have a board with 30,000 Posts and 1500 users.
Would I be able to miror this current site onto the beta server with it's db, then somehow upgrade to version 2?

Is there a upgrade path like this from 1.1.4 to 2.0 Public Beta?


To upgrade from 1.1.4 to 2.0 Beta 3 Public, you simply overwrite your 1.1.4 files with the files from the LARGE UPGRADE package for 2.0 Beta 3 Public.

Do be sure to make a backup though.
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ok thanks, i dont need to make a backup as the production site is on a sifferent path and DB


is there an upgrade through package manager?

So I copied the complete site to a subdomain of beta.xxx.com
changed the Settings.php to reflect the path change and DB changes.
chmod 777 Settings.php
surf to http://beta.xxx.com and everything is working fine.
Un-tar the upgrade package onto beta.xxx.com.
surf to beta.xxx.com and get a error 500...

Is there anyother steps to do?

for some reason, when copying the files over the originals,


Quote from: npereira on March 21, 2008, 04:00:15 PM
is there an upgrade through package manager?

Not for major upgrades like between 1.1 and 2.0 the changes are far too big for that.

You're trying to make a duplicate of your live site right?

- Install a backup of your 1.1.4 forum on 1.1.4 again. (So you have TWO 1.1.4 forums running)
- Download the large upgrade package. Doesnt matter which of the three filetypes.
- Extract the file to a folder on your computer
- Upload the extracted contents OVERWRITING the duplicate.
- Run Upgrade.php

Settings.php does not need to be manually changed.
Gary M. Gadsdon
Do NOT PM me unless I say so
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^ YT is changing monetisation policy, help reach 1000 sub threshold.


this is exactly what I did... the live site is www.xxx.com and the testing site is beta.xxx.com both having each there own identical db.

once I confirmed everything with beta.xxx.com was working fine and not pointing back to www.xxx.com, i surfed to beta.xxx.com/upgrade.php
Started the upgrade.
then i get this message:
Executing database changes
Please be patient - this may take some time on large forums. The time elapsed increments from the server to show progress is being made!
Executing upgrade script 1 of 2.
Executing: "Adding and updating member data..." (4 of 19 - of this script).

Database Updates Complete! Click Continue to Proceed. Updating columns on "members"...

no explanation as to what the error actualy is... Is there a log file generated when doing an upgrade like this?


March 21, 2008, 05:41:59 PM #6 Last Edit: March 21, 2008, 06:05:26 PM by npereira
BTW, here is the list of mods I have on the 1.1.4 forum:
Mod Name Version 
1. SMF 1.0.12 / 1.1.4 / 2.0 b1.1 Update 1.0   [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ] 
2. SMF Gallery Pro Tabs 1.0   [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ] 
3. MessagePreviewOnHover 1.5   [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ] 
4. SMF Links 1.6.7   [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ] 
5. TinyPortal 0.983   [ List Files ] [ Delete ] 
6. No Reply Emails 1.0   [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ] 
7. Auto Embed Video Clips 2.1.4   [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ] 
8. Ad Managment 2.3   [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ] 
9. Users Online Today Mod 1.4.0   [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ] 
10. Ignore user 1.4   [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ] 
11. SMF Gallery Pro 1.3beta2.1   [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ] 
12. Hide Tag 1.7.0   [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ] 
13. Fix Message Empty Error For Embed Video Mods 1.0   [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ] 
14. SSI Membergroup 1.0   [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]


can anyone tell me what this red error at Updating indexes on "messages"...  mean when trying the upgrade?

Why is there no info as to what the error is even if you select show more debug?


before you start the upgrade, did you click the option for showing the debug info?
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