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List of changes in default theme for 2.0 over 1.1.4

Started by Chriss Cohn, March 22, 2008, 10:18:03 AM

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Chriss Cohn

Hi i would like to see a list of changes between the 1.1.4 and 2.0 default themes, so we can easily upgrade our existing (and most likely changed) default themes.

Best Regards, Christian


Your best option would be to use ConTEXT or another text editor that supports file comparisons. Posting every single change here would take forever.

If you can specify which files you need the changes for though, I can post the info here.
Michael Eshom
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I might be alone in this.

But as a mod creator I'd rather see theme authors take a copy of the 2.x default theme as a base and copy changes from their custom theme onto it. (rather than copying bits from 2.x theme onto their 1.x custom theme)
Otherwise if you do it the other way around it could break mods from being able to install on all themes. (just a tab or a space out could throw it off).

Chriss Cohn

Hmm Karlbenson, but for instance in my case it would take forever to modify the default 2.0 Theme to fit to my needs....


Yeah for your own I can see how it would be easier.

I should have made it clear. I was meaning themes to be submitted to mod site.