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Started by a454nova, March 27, 2008, 07:37:21 PM

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I love the new 2.0
I want to start from fresh and just move my 20+ users over. Is that possible?
Can I transfer over their user info?

I did a search and didn't see another topic so if there is one, I apologize.


Why do you want to start from fresh when you can just upgrade your existing 1.1.4 board and keep all the data?
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Now where is the fun in that?
If I start from fresh I learn more too. lol
Plus while I've been playing and building, I've let my family play and chat on it.
This would give me a reason to clear their bickering.


I like to periodically migrate my site over to fresh installs (like once a year or so) in order to clean out all the fluff that might be left over from old mods that I installed or made myself. The way I do it is I copy the whole board to a test server (usually XAMPP running on my home windows box. google it) and then run the SMF upgrade script on that copy. Then I do a fresh install and copy the contents of the tables one at a time with a SQL command that pretty much only copies data from rows that exist in the new database, which leaves any mod-created SQL stuff out of my upgraded copy.

Make sure to put your site into maintenance mode first, so the database doesn't change while you're upgrading your copy. After it's done, and I know that the changes all worked properly and whatnot, I just wipe out the  database on the server or rename it to something else as a backup, then move all the old board data into a backup folder, and do a completely fresh install once more, but on the real server this time. Then I just copy what I have on my test server directly on top of the fresh install.

Feels nice, clean, and fresh after it's all done :)


Well you can also upgrade, then delete everything other than your members :)  Maintenance Routine to 'purge' old threads/post and delete all boards.  As fresh as a 'fresh' install :)
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