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Started by Old Lynx, April 01, 2008, 06:39:17 PM

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Old Lynx

Hi Guys

I need help with two things Please :)

1- How do I give moderators colour in the Members Legend/Key

2- I have this board that Uploader's Can see, but Moderators can't !! How do I make the Moderators access this board ?? I've been to the board where you can tick which member group can access that particular board, but the Moderators is not listed there !!!!!!!

Any help given would be much appreciated

Thanks Guys


Moderators are set on a per-board basis. They only have power in the board they have moderation rights on.

You could create a second "Moderators" group, to duplicate the original to get what you want, and add moderators to that as well as to the board they should have rights on.

Old Lynx

that did it for me :)

Thanks CmptrWz :D