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Use $context with SSI in parent basedir?

Started by DarKChAm, April 02, 2008, 12:54:01 PM

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I've search in this board but I haven't found this question. So, Can I use the $context var with SSI in the parent directory of the forum?

I've tried this, as a test :

And in my function ssi_welcome() I've added a var_dump($context) in order to see what does this array contains. But, even if I'm logged on the forum, if I put the test file into forum's directory, it work and $context['user']['is_logged'] is true.
But if I put the test file in the parent directory, it don't working, and my var is false.

How can I do to use the context var which is needed for my personnal bridge.

Thanks, and sorry for my bad english : I'm a young French.


If you want to display an array, use
echo '<pre>', print_r($context, true), '</pre>';

I use var_dump only for reading variable.
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That is not my question...
I use var_dump only to debugage, it is not important, I just want to know why session are not conserved in parent folder :/!


Is your forum installed in a subdomain or just a subfolder of the parent?

Make sure you have enabled Database Sessions, and disabled "Enable local storage of cookies".


Ok, easily...
I knew ever disabled this option...
Thanks so :) !