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Many apologies, but you can\'t view your own profile.?

Started by smack, April 10, 2008, 06:11:16 PM

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Many apologies, but you can't view your own profile.

I am getting this message when I login as a regular user and some of my members are reporting the same thing.

Has anybody had this problem, all looks like is working well and a member put me up to this error.


Check via Permissions whether regular users have permission to view their own profile


Under: Personalise their profile

All are check Allowed, I am sure of this.


Never mind I found the problem, I was looking into Regular Member but I forgot to check Junior Members, Senior Members, and Full Members Settings.

I don't know why that is a problem now on 2.0 in 1.4 it was working fine with all my members, with just the Regular Members Settings.