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Any help would be appreciated but this may be the wrong place to ask >.<

Started by DDocherty, April 11, 2008, 09:10:23 PM

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Ok , i have SMF 2 Beta 3 installed and running nicely, obviously i cant get TinyPortal to run just yet which is fine, all i really want is some way of either inputing HTML direct into a post or some way of modding one of the themes so that our Ventrillo server info can either be in a locked post or on the front page.

This might not be possible im not sure, if not fine ill just post IP and Port info, would just be nice to see who is online and join direct from clicking.

Here is a link of what i am talking about as i am probably making no sense but it is 2am here lol [nonactive]

they have direct installs for joomla etc as you can see, and some info is at the bottom.

Thanks in advance for any help  that may be offered.


As an admin, you can post any HTML you want using the "html" bbcode tag:

[html]code goes here[/html]
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