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Ok... Both of YaBB SE's main competitors have this option, and I have also seen it in the guestbook script I just downloaded (XeoBook), so why doesn't YaBB SE have it? It's quite popular, and should be an option to keep this software on par with it's competitors. I understand why allowing all HTML can be a major security risk, but allowing some HTML tags is safe... I know that many of the simplest and most popular HTML tags already have YaBBC tags that do the same thing, but there is always the <marquee> tag, which is useful for relieving stress and having a ton of fun... I have made the improved move tag to do similar things, but it's just easier to use the <marquee> tag so that users can specify the exact options they want instead of being forced to use several options...

There's an option for this, althgouh it needs to be expanded.


Help for the checkbox.

--- Quote ---This will allow the posting of some basic HTML tags:         <b>, <u>, <i>, <pre>, <img src="" />, <a href="">, and <br /
--- End quote ---

The marquee has been around...


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