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Theme Contest Voting

Started by sloopz, April 29, 2008, 06:46:13 PM

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Is smfthemes officially affiliated with
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Quote from: Dannii on April 30, 2008, 07:52:01 PM
Is smfthemes officially affiliated with
No. Just to clarify when a theme is approved a simple ping is sent to If another site that had a worthy cause wanted this done for them it would be done also.

I agree on the most part that it would have been better to use on-site demos. It was simply due to a lack of time that it was decided to use and already existent source. I apologize for that.

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It appears the mod was installed that I made.
If you sign up or login at smfthemes and then go to Profile -> Look and Layout.
You can check the box to disable TinyPortal.
The box doesn't really disable tinyportal, it just stops it from adding its layer, but for the purpose you want, it should work perfectly.
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I want to vote for Dilbert MC theme.   Where is it?


Quote from: joe123 on May 01, 2008, 01:28:46 AM
I want to vote for Dilbert MC theme.   Where is it?
That isn't a contestant in here ;)


Quote from: joe123 on May 01, 2008, 01:28:46 AM
I want to vote for Dilbert MC theme.   Where is it?
This is a contest for new themes submitted between February 18, 2008 and April 18, 2008. Dilber MC is much older than that, so it was not entered into the contest. You can only vote for the eight finalists on the page.

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Quote from: RunicWarrior on April 29, 2008, 06:46:13 PM
The winners will be announced in one weeks time. Designers, get your friends to vote for your theme!
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good luck, but i think that is obvious who is going to win :P
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sorry :P but no, kelo-lt by panic is the best skin for smf at the moment :)
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Awwww.... I'm sad now. :(

hehe. :P
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Nice work finalist, hard choice! :)


Tristan Perry

Have voted, 2-3 were hard to choose between :)


I have to protest this contest. Panic is very good designer, maybe one of the best designers here. However, his theme Kello-lt is not %100 original work. It is a rip. He has the rights for that theme because he bought it. Hence, assume I buy a theme, and send this contest, maybe after ripping, or let's say I bought a theme from someone, and submit that theme, does it mean it is an original  work? I don't understand Customizers. They are saying that only original works can be voted, and they know that that theme was removed one time because it belongs to someone else, so that means they knew it was not an original theme, but it is in the vote list. Simplemachines has to be clear, or their moderators have to be at least.
Let's read what the customizers have told previously,
Quote from: Gazmanafc link=topic=223517.0
Simple Machines would like to announce today the opening of our second Theme Contest, to give our community members the challenge to create some new and exiting themes to show how nice and perhaps, exotic SMF can be.

To enter the contest, all you have to do is create a theme for the 1.1 line. You can edit as many template files as you need. A submitted theme should not be just a color edit, but should show what SMF is capable of. Team members are exempt from participating to aid in preventing bias, SMF Friends however are welcome to enter.

A winning theme will be decided based on two criteria; Originality and Overall Look. Try to create something with both of those in mind and make sure to keep an even balance. First the team will vote for finalists, then those finalists will be placed in a public vote where an overall winner will be determined.

You will have exactly two months from the timestamp of this post to register your interest in this topic and then produce the theme. If you're new to creating themes, don't be discouraged, new themes can sometimes be the best! Web Standards and testing in popular browsers will be helpful to your submission. And don't forget we may provide helpful hints and coding tricks as well.

To enter the contest as a participant, just submit your theme to the theme site like normal. All themes posted during the duration of this contest will be entered into the contest, so you are allowed to submit as many themes as you wish.

Overall Contest Rules:

Must be your own work
Must be compatible with SMF 1.1
Must comply with all current Theme Approval Guidelines (view this topic for links to localized translations)

Be cross-browser compatible
Cannot be a simple color change
Cannot have any PHP, XHTML or Javascript Errors
Team Members are ineligible of winning, SMF Friends are welcome to enter however.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a free one year Charter Member Subscription or one year extension to an existing charter subscription, the theme will be added to the Featured Theme rotation and their choice of book from O'Reilly.

The first runner up will also have their themes added into the Featured Theme Rotation, and also a book from O'Reilly as well.

The second runner up will also receive a book from O'Reilly.

Happy Designing!
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Quote from: Gazmanafc link=topic=223517.0
Indeed. 100% original works only

Especially, look at this one!
Quote from: Gazmanafc link=topic=223517.0
Must be your own work
Now, here the kello-lt theme, now it is owned by Panic, but he bought it, and it is not fair to be in this contest.
you see that it is owned by someone else
Check these please,565.0.html
If this is a contest, that has to be fair!
There are themes ripped from other forum softwares!

Here are the last proofs about my protest!
Quote from: Gazmanafc link=topic=223517.0
The Misty theme is a port of a theme from another source, so it cant be entered into the contest.
You find these messages in the topic


Quote from: SleePy on April 29, 2008, 11:31:10 PM
Quote from: Dannii on April 29, 2008, 10:59:52 PM
Demos should have been shown stand alone, not in Tinyportal. Are we voting for the themes or for Tinyportal??

Also, it didn't let me vote on the last theme.

And it was rather disappointing not to see any semantic display templates.

Does it mater?
All themes work in Tinyportal as of its 1.0.5 beta.

No they don't, if a theme is basic enough it works, but most of my themes due to the fact that they don't use classic simplemachines html, break in Tiny Portal.

And a design might look a little different when used in TP and SMF. And as far as I know this is a SMF theme competition not a TP one.
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TilT how we have looked at this is as panic now owns the rights to the theme it is his work, we had removed it from the contest but when the rights were bought  it was re-added.

*eren how tp does it now 99% if themes work with TP, looking at all the themes I have found one  that didnt fit (oddly it was one of mine) if you are registered on you can disable the tp. 

There is also an account available for testing with TP disabled

username: test
password: smfthemes
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stealed or not... kello-lt is a great theme ^^
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