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December 01, 2021, 09:07:51 AM


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Tracking User Activity

Started by Mike Bobbitt, May 24, 2005, 12:47:14 PM

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Wondering if this should still work on 2.0.15?

When i try to use it i get the following:
Track User Activity
This script tracks the recent actions of all users in The Watch List.

An Error Has Occurred!
The database value you're trying to insert does not exist: id_member



Works very well with update.
spijunske kamere vrhunski izbor sa ozbiljnim karakteristikama


I have this tracker installed. It works well, except it doesn't show the timestamp of the visit.

I'm using tracker.php from page 12 for SMF 2.0

Does anyone know how to fix it?



It's problem to install !! Fix error.


Quote from: Zeblan on April 27, 2021, 12:17:49 PM
It's problem to install !! Fix error.
um....and how is this going to help

what exactly do you expect to happen with this type of post? How do you expect to get any kind of support at all with "It's problem to install !! Fix error." what does this tell us? Nothing!

How about telling us what the error that you received was....
How about telling us what version of smf you are using?
How about telling us what other mods you have installed?
Just to begin with...there may be other things we might need to know after this to help you.

[edit] lmfao um how is it a problem to install, you just download the file, unzip the file, then upload to your smf root folder (the same place that setttings.php is).... couldn't be easier to install.


It looks great! I will try it right away to see, if I can get it to work in the same way!