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[HOW TO] Add a favicon (bookmark/favorite icon) to your forum

Started by ccbtimewiz, April 30, 2008, 03:01:10 PM

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Well, [nofollow] is my main website, but I moved the favicon.ico to that URL anyway. But after moving it, restarting my pc (twice!) and have been waiting for almost 4 hours now, there is still no favicon on my forum :'(

Other idea's?


That's because it wasn't done correctly.

The actual image is currently visible at hxxp://

You need to move that 34-favicon.ico file up a level, delete the favicon.ico folder, then rename 34-favicon.ico to favicon.ico.


Yes, I did it!! Finally! It looks very cute ;D

Thanks for your help, Arantor The GREAT! :)


I think you could make this more simple for the noobs cause I had alot of trouble figuring out this tut. Here is how I added my favicon.

1. Download the mod.

2. Follow Method #1 - Adding the calls to your template.

3. Make your favicon and upload it to a image hosting site.

4. Configuration>Themes and Layout>Themes and Settings>Pick your Theme>Theme Options and Preferences> Favicon Image URL: Add your image address from hosting site. Done!



I´ve trouble in installing the MOD.

I use RC3 and Theme "Actualism"

When I try to instal it appears erros so I don´t will instal after know it´s save..hehe

Can anyone help?



Quote from: RiDFiCK on April 08, 2010, 08:12:23 PM
Problem already solved. Thanks anyway
can you share ho you fixed it for everyone that will find this topic in future?


As I say on the first post i´ve made. Before installing it says that it have found errors. So normaly we shouldn´t install.

But I´ve decided to get the risk and installed anyway. And it work. No problem.

RC3+Actuaism Theme, work don´t worry about it. :D



sorry but i have the same problem. already maked change inside index.template... but i can;t find whre write my configuration setting under 2rc3... readden the post before... but without find the form tu put the favicon url..

Simple way to  Add a favicon:

Most browsers search by default for favicon.ico in the root folder of the website / blog the access. So it's enough to place your favicon.ico  in the root folder without adding additional code and the favicon will be displayed. However the code below should be used, especially if the favicon is not located in the root folder.

Enjoy!  ;D
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This is great.  Good how to advice.  Just what I was looking for. 

P.S. That picture of the pole vaulter (im assuming), is smoking  O:)

Grim Line

Worked great. The .ico part didn't work so i just changed the link to .png aswell as the picture then it worked fine. Thanks.


The normal <link rel="shortcut icon" href="Themes/default/images/favicon.ico"> works fine on the main page but not on any others, i've installed and tried anything to get the icon on all pages but it just wont work, anyone know how to fix this ? [nofollow]


Hello, is there a current mod to add favicon? I get the statement that the one stated here is outmoded.


Quote from: sieemma
Hello, is there a current mod to add favicon?

What version of SMF? The mod should still work for you if you are on the 2.0.* branch. If there are error shown during the installation, the mod's page explains how to add the small bits of code manually.

QuoteI get the statement that the one stated here is outmoded.

Try simply uploading your favicon.ico file to your forum's root folder. Most modern browsers will soon pick it up and start using it.


Except for older versions of IE... which is why I'm planning on implementing this manually as soon as I have the time.
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Quote from: GigaWatt on April 26, 2018, 07:03:55 PM
Except for older versions of IE...

Which NO ONE should be using..........just sayin.......


I think there is also a plugin on Wordpress for Favicon. Can we use it too?


You can't use WordPress plugins on SMF - but you don't need to, just uploading a file in the right place is enough.