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Problem with installing mods

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I have a problem with the mods... I made a temp folder to to the Packages and I made it 777 with Total Commander, and then I want to install a mod, and it says "FTP information required". So I delete cookies to the site, and I try again, but I get "You cannot download or install new packages because the Packages directory or one of the files in it are not writable!" and I can't enter to the folder with Total Commander, but I can make new folder with the same name... What the hell is that? :D

I'm getting this too in both Opera and IE7

Basically, the "FTP Information Required" section shows the title, but doesn't show the rest of the page where you enter your FTP password, so you cannot continue with the mod install.

If this is any help to the developers, viewing source of the page to install the mods, this is all that is shown for entering FTP infomation

--- Code: --- <td class="catbg">FTP Information Required</td>
<td class="windowbg2">


--- End code ---

Yep.... btw I'm using Firefox

I've also got suexec turned on, and safe mode is turned off.. Anyone please?


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