Tips: Fresh Install and Backup of Database

Started by stageducky, May 03, 2008, 08:35:03 AM

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Making the big decision to do a fresh install?

1. Backing up database
Before you uninstall, go to Admin Centre -> Forum Maintenance -> back up your database.
*Make sure you have access to your phpmyadmin from your server this will enable you to go there to import your database later.

*Linux hosting: phpMyadmin is found in your cpanel, clicking on it will bring you to the phpMyadmin interface.

2. Uninstall your SMF.
[Easy way to uninstall] Using either the fantastico or simplescript.
[Harder way] Manual uninstall you have to go into your server file manager and then go to the directory to uninstall everything.
*Please check for any files that are not flushed during the uninstall. Clean up the directory. Re-plan your installation directory if you want a neat directory system.

3. Install the latest version of SMF

4. Import your database
Go to phpMyAdmin Import your database (sometimes you may encounter error msg that there is database problem, read the message, post the message to the forum if you are not code savvy, get help)

*When you post for help, remember to paste the error message into your post.

*If the import is a smooth process then voila you have your forum back with all the previous data.

Then reinstall all your mods.