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Started by Midgard, January 08, 2005, 12:32:16 PM

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Quote from: Aravot on January 09, 2005, 05:40:42 PM
Under Edit Permissions, I have Unregistered Guest and Ungrouped Members, but not unregistered members both groups can view the forum.

I think you need to give them whatever permission there is for viewing *banners*.... either click modify, or scroll to the bottom and select "add permission"...



I don't see *banners* in permission, what am I missing, should I reinstall maybe something is corrupt(see pic)

Link to Full Size Pic



i guess this problem from Banner.english.php file... you should be copy-paste from Banner.english.php to ManagePermissions.english.php


Thanks, one question though where to add it i.e. beginning, end, middle, ... and what do you think is the cause of this not happening automatically, should I add every thing or part of it.

Quote// Version: 1.0; Banner

// Banner Management
$txt['banner_banners'] = 'Banners';
$txt['banner_currently'] = 'Currently Banners';
$txt['banner_currently_desc'] = 'Your forum\'s banners';
$txt['banner_enabled'] = 'Advertisement enable';
$txt['banner_add_banner'] = 'Add New';
$txt['banner_add_banner1'] = 'New Banner';
$txt['banner_add_banner2'] = 'Add an new banner';
$txt['banner_add_banner_desc'] = 'Bu alanda aþaðýdaki kutucularý doðru biçimde doldururak yeni bir banner yüklemeniz mümkün.';
$txt['banner_add_banner_desc'] = 'You can create an banner on these page.';
$txt['banner_modify_banner'] = 'Modify Banners';
$txt['banner_modify_banner_desc'] = 'You can modification banners on these page.';
$txt['banner_delete_banner'] = 'Delete Banner';
$txt['banner_delete_banner_desc'] = 'Do you want delete an banner? You can delete an banner on these page.';
$txt['banner_stats'] = 'Statistics';
$txt['banner_stats_desc'] = 'Statistical information page. Click and View counts.';
$txt['banner_filename'] = 'Image URL:';
$txt['banner_filename_desc'] = 'Your banner images\'s URL address<br/>Ex.';
$txt['banner_description'] = 'Description:';
$txt['banner_description_desc'] = 'ALT text of Banner Image';
$txt['banner_url'] = 'Click URL:';
$txt['banner_url_desc'] = 'Advertise\'s address<br/>Ex.';
$txt['banner_add'] = 'Add';
$txt['banner_update'] = 'Update';
$txt['banner_replace'] = 'Delete Selected';
$txt['banner_target'] = 'On Click, Open in:';
$txt['banner_target_desc'] = 'Target window choose on click';
$txt['banner_target_new_window'] = 'New Window';
$txt['banner_target_same_window'] = 'Parent Window';
$txt['banner_zone'] = 'Banner Zone:';
$txt['banner_zone_desc'] = 'Location of Banner into Page';
$txt['banner_zone_top'] = 'on Top of Page';
$txt['banner_zone_bottom'] = 'on Bottom of Page';
$txt['banner_zone_logo'] = 'The Powered Logo';
$txt['banner_zone_main'] = 'Only for SSI.php';
$txt['banner_click_count'] = 'Click count:';
$txt['banner_view_count'] = 'View count:';
$txt['banner_blank'] = 'No banner...';
$txt['banner_remove'] = 'Remove';
$txt['permissiongroup_banners'] = 'Advertisement Banner Images';
$txt['permissionname_can_see_banners'] = 'Can See';
$txt['banner_stats_alt_text'] = 'ALT Text:';
$txt['banner_stats_added_date'] = 'Added Date:';
$txt['banner_powered_by'] = 'Powered by';
$txt['banner_powered_logos'] = 'Powered Logos';


$txt['permissiongroup_banners'] = 'Advertisement Banner Images';
$txt['permissionname_can_see_banners'] = 'Can See';

this lines


Thank you, but I just found out something weired

At my work computer there were options under New Banner>Add New but at my home PC there is nothing (see pic) tried IE, FireFox and Opera haven't changed anything, any suggestions?

maybe that's why 'Advertisement Banner' was missing from permission panel.

Link to Full Size Pic


I've try, please wait reply from me.


Aravot, i've try this... But, it's working on me, without problem...

I dunno this problem... Sorry


Quote from: Midgard on January 09, 2005, 09:49:50 AM
Thank you, i fixed this problem, on next release...

nice. i just replaced the
variable in the SSI.php with "_parent" so it works now. i am looking forward to the next release of your very excellent mod. i use it on now and i love it.

can you integrate a method to export statistics to a txt or xml file to save for harddisk or a method to select a banner "only ssi, only forum, or both", so that you dont have to create an extra banner for SSI.

be cool


Quote from: Midgard on January 10, 2005, 04:11:06 AM
Aravot, i've try this... But, it's working on me, without problem...

I dunno this problem... Sorry

Very weird, I am back at work and it works on my work PC but not my home, I guess I need to reinstall windows or is it possible firewall (Norton) is blocking it from opening, I'll try once I get home.


Quote from: Midgard on January 10, 2005, 03:36:16 AM
$txt['permissiongroup_banners'] = 'Advertisement Banner Images';
$txt['permissionname_can_see_banners'] = 'Can See';

this lines

Adding the code worked, thank you very much.


I haven't downloaded this yeat, so forgive if it's a dumb question, but I was wondering:

If you've got more than 1 banner to be displayed, can it be set up to randomly load them, whenever a page is refreshed?


it already randomly selects a banner if you have more than 1 :)

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You are really faster... Thanks :D :D


// Version: 1.0; Banner

// Banner Management
// Spanish Translation by Antonio Melé

$txt['banner_banners'] = 'Banners';
$txt['banner_currently'] = 'Banner actual';
$txt['banner_currently_desc'] = 'Los banners del foro';
$txt['banner_enabled'] = 'Anuncios permitidos';
$txt['banner_add_banner'] = 'Incluir nuevo';
$txt['banner_add_banner1'] = 'Nuevo banner';
$txt['banner_add_banner2'] = 'Incluir un nuevo banner';
$txt['banner_add_banner_desc'] = 'Bu alanda aşağıdaki kutucuları doğru biçimde doldururak yeni bir banner yüklemeniz mümkün.';
$txt['banner_add_banner_desc'] = 'Puedes crear un banner en esta página.';
$txt['banner_modify_banner'] = 'Modificar banners';
$txt['banner_modify_banner_desc'] = 'Puedes modificar banners en esta página.';
$txt['banner_delete_banner'] = 'Borrar banner';
$txt['banner_delete_banner_desc'] = '¿Quieres borrar un banner? Puedes borrar banners en esta página.';
$txt['banner_stats'] = 'Statistics';
$txt['banner_stats_desc'] = 'Estadísticas de los banners. Clicks e Impresiones.';
$txt['banner_filename'] = 'URL de la imágen:';
$txt['banner_filename_desc'] = 'La URL de tu banner <br/>Ex.';
$txt['banner_description'] = 'Descripción:';
$txt['banner_description_desc'] = 'Texto ALT del banner';
$txt['banner_url'] = 'Click URL:';
$txt['banner_url_desc'] = 'Dirección del anuncio<br/>Ex.';
$txt['banner_add'] = 'Añadir';
$txt['banner_update'] = 'Actualizar';
$txt['banner_replace'] = 'Borrar seleccionados';
$txt['banner_target'] = 'Al hacer click, abrir en:';
$txt['banner_target_desc'] = 'Ventana Target seleccionar al hacer click';
$txt['banner_target_new_window'] = 'Nueva ventana';
$txt['banner_target_same_window'] = 'Ventana Parent';
$txt['banner_zone'] = 'Zona Banner:';
$txt['banner_zone_desc'] = 'Localización del Banner en la página';
$txt['banner_zone_top'] = 'en la zona superior de la página';
$txt['banner_zone_bottom'] = 'en la zona inferior de la página';
$txt['banner_zone_logo'] = 'El logo Powered';
$txt['banner_zone_main'] = 'Sólo para SSI.php';
$txt['banner_click_count'] = 'Contador de Clicks:';
$txt['banner_view_count'] = 'Contador de impresiones:';
$txt['banner_blank'] = 'Ningún banner...';
$txt['banner_remove'] = 'Eliminar';
$txt['permissiongroup_banners'] = 'Imágenes de banners de los anuncios';
$txt['permissionname_can_see_banners'] = 'Puede ver';
$txt['banner_stats_alt_text'] = 'Texto ALT:';
$txt['banner_stats_added_date'] = 'Añadido el:';
$txt['banner_powered_by'] = 'Powered by';
$txt['banner_powered_logos'] = 'Powered Logos';

Translated by Antonio Melé

Thank you Antonio - Regards...



Will it work with 1.01 ?  I am having issues with the upgrade and this mod.
Plus the file is missing from the DL area now ?

Bullcat Webhosting

Hello Midgard, i was fixing my index.template and wish to 2 2 banners on the same row. when i put the folowing code in my index i get 2 the same banners, so that will work fine. when 1 use the folowing code i get only one picture !
I have banners in the table with top and bottom ! what do i wrong ??

echo '
<table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" id="table1">
<p align="center">';
      showBanner($zone = 'top');
     echo' </td>
<p align="center">';
      showBanner($zone = 'bottom');
     echo ' </td>

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if you need a German language file for the mod, please send the English language file by PM to me and I send you the German language translation by tomorrow