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Thought as a homage to the immortal YaBB 1 Gold and with Tim's kind permission converted into SMF format. This theme was active in my parenting community during 2001 until I converted to YaBBSE in december 2001.

The credits for the layout go to the YaBB team. The buttons have been made with CAE's button generator.

Attached to this post are the thumbnail and the theme package in english language.

For the translation in other language please use CAE's button generator.

Very old and very strange colours but still a beauty.

Hmm I like it! It looks pretty similar... the only thing is that orange part... should it have the border like that?

Which orange part do you mean?

Indeed I tried to install the good old YaBB 1 Gold on my xampp but was not able to get it alive.  So I am not 100% sure about every detail.

Well you can actually get the template.html out of it, that has a lot of the stuff. The orange part I'm talking about is the titlebg, I believe.


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