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mod_smf_login avatar not sizing to custom.

Started by monster6, January 14, 2005, 08:08:16 PM

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Not sure where to locate this to edit it. not sure if it might be a mambo templates... any ideas?

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******. still dont know where to edit it?
Twisted Logic [nofollow]


I would guess this has more to do with your Mambo template/theme/skin than SMF or the bridge.



Twisted Logic [nofollow]


Do you have SMF set to resize avatars?
Do you have it set to "save" the resized avatars or resize them each time using HTML?

If so, Does it work in SMF alone (is the avatar resized?)

If you're using HTML resize, That would be your problem....
you can fix it by using the save resized avatars or you can change the code in mod_smf_login.php to use HTML size defintion when calling for the avatar picture.

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