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Drafts 2.2 by Charles Hill and maintained by live627

Allow member groups to save new topics, replies, and polls as drafts by giving them the "Can save topics and replies as drafts" permission.  Users with this permission can also view a list of their drafts in their Profile as well as on the Post page.  As an administrator, you can view any user's drafts via their Profile.

+ Added "Save as Draft" button to Quick Reply
+ Added pl_PL (thanks Nolt)
+ Added ru_RU (thanks Bugo)
+ Added uk_UA (thanks Crazy_Nick)

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License: ISC


very cool mod!

Nice mod Charles. Turkish translation:

--- Code: ---// Drafts txt variables
$txt['permissionname_save_drafts'] = 'Konuları taslak olarak kaydedebilir';
$txt['only_new_topics'] = 'Sadece yeni konuları taslak olarak kaydedebilsin.';
$txt['error_draft_not_saved'] = 'Bir hata oluştu ve taslak kaydedile<b>me</b>di.';
$txt['draft_saved'] = 'Taslak başarıyla kaydedildi.';
$txt['draft'] = 'Taslak';
$txt['showDrafts'] = 'Taslakları göster';
$txt['no_drafts'] = 'Gösterilecek taslak yok.';
$txt['last_saved'] = 'Son kaydedilen';
$txt['lastSaved'] = 'Son kaydedilen';
$txt['delete_draft_confirm'] = 'Bu taslağı silmek istediğinizden emin misiniz?';
$txt['save_as_draft'] = 'Taslak olarak kaydet';
$txt['draft_saved_short'] = 'Taslak kaydedildi';
$txt['loadDrafts'] = 'Taslakları Yükle';
$txt['hideDrafts'] = 'Gizle';
--- End code ---

Charles Hill:
Thanks for the kind words :)

I'll add that translation to a future version.

Great mod!  Makes it way easier to work on a long post over time.  This is also a great complement to your blog mod.  Thx!


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