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Started by live627, June 24, 2008, 01:11:04 PM

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June 24, 2008, 01:11:04 PM Last Edit: June 19, 2014, 07:34:42 PM by live627
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Drafts 2.2 by Charles Hill and maintained by live627

Allow member groups to save new topics, replies, and polls as drafts by giving them the "Can save topics and replies as drafts" permission.  Users with this permission can also view a list of their drafts in their Profile as well as on the Post page.  As an administrator, you can view any user's drafts via their Profile.

+ Added "Save as Draft" button to Quick Reply
+ Added pl_PL (thanks Nolt)
+ Added ru_RU (thanks Bugo)
+ Added uk_UA (thanks Crazy_Nick)

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License: ISC




Nice mod Charles. Turkish translation:
// Drafts txt variables
$txt['permissionname_save_drafts'] = 'Konuları taslak olarak kaydedebilir';
$txt['only_new_topics'] = 'Sadece yeni konuları taslak olarak kaydedebilsin.';
$txt['error_draft_not_saved'] = 'Bir hata oluştu ve taslak kaydedile<b>me</b>di.';
$txt['draft_saved'] = 'Taslak başarıyla kaydedildi.';
$txt['draft'] = 'Taslak';
$txt['showDrafts'] = 'Taslakları göster';
$txt['no_drafts'] = 'Gösterilecek taslak yok.';
$txt['last_saved'] = 'Son kaydedilen';
$txt['lastSaved'] = 'Son kaydedilen';
$txt['delete_draft_confirm'] = 'Bu taslağı silmek istediğinizden emin misiniz?';
$txt['save_as_draft'] = 'Taslak olarak kaydet';
$txt['draft_saved_short'] = 'Taslak kaydedildi';
$txt['loadDrafts'] = 'Taslakları Yükle';
$txt['hideDrafts'] = 'Gizle';

Charles Hill

Thanks for the kind words :)

I'll add that translation to a future version.


Great mod!  Makes it way easier to work on a long post over time.  This is also a great complement to your blog mod.  Thx!


Fixed problem with replies.  Only allowed to save drafts of new topics (not replies).

Does this mean you *removed* the ability to save drafts with replies?  Actually, I'd prefer it to work with replies also.  Can you tell me how to manually add that back?  I haven't looked, but I assume it would just be a small change to Post.template.php?

Charles Hill

I will add that functionality eventually... but at this time it would require a bit of work... most likely have to add columns to the drafts table.  Topic ID/ Message ID is not saved with the draft.  So if you loaded a draft that u saved originally as a reply, it would load up again as a new topic not a reply.

Don't worry I'll add it eventually.  :)


WOW.  Fantastic.
BTW as I understood to post I need to choose Modify and then post.  Right?  What about a Post button inside the draft?

Charles Hill

Quote from: jossanaijr on June 24, 2008, 04:17:53 PM
WOW.  Fantastic.
BTW as I understood to post I need to choose Modify and then post.  Right?  What about a Post button inside the draft?

That is a good idea :)
I'll add that to the next version


To install the "Next Version" when available will user's drafts be saved?  I mean they will be not deleted when updating version?

Charles Hill

Existing drafts in your drafts table will not be altered when installing a new version of this mod.


June 24, 2008, 07:02:26 PM #11 Last Edit: June 24, 2008, 07:16:42 PM by fords8
This is a cool mod Charles! I installed it by the package manager with the DS-Natural designed by DzinerStudio theme and it works great. No edits at all!

I will try it on the DarkBreak designed by DzinerStudio theme next and see what happens. EDIT: It worked with this theme also!

Lady Night Owl

Great mod! I'm looking forward to your update also as I'd like to see this work with replies. But I know you just released this one, so for now - Kudos! :)
Running SMF 2.0.1

Cal O'Shaw


Looks super!  This is just what I need when writing up outage notices and procs.

A draft management question:

If a member is deleted, what happens to his drafts?  Do they get purged?  How do I clear them out if the member is already deleted?



Charles Hill

Ahh I hadn't thought about when users are deleted.  I will likely modify some additional sources files to handle this.  You should note that when you load a draft and then post it, it is deleted from the drafts table.  So you won't be able to load a draft and post it multiple times, if that is what you intended to do with outage notices.

Cal O'Shaw


No, I'd continue to cut and paste.  What I like is that I can prepare all the text in advance, what steps will be performed, but hold it until I'm ready to announce.  And if I have to change dates I don't get that "last edit" line.

When I tried creating notices in an Admin Only area and moving them to Public I had to add a second post to bump it up, or do cut and paste.  You offer a much cleaner option.



A mod like this has been long awaited :) I hope you finish the new feature for the replies soon. Also see my 2.0 whine in your Blogmod thread ;D

Charles Hill

Quote from: Sadr on June 25, 2008, 07:29:16 AM
A mod like this has been long awaited :) I hope you finish the new feature for the replies soon. Also see my 2.0 whine in your Blogmod thread ;D

1.03 supports replies and I added a couple other things too.  As I said in the blog mod thread, I won't be making mods for 2.0 until it is released as a final version.


Hi Charles,

Mode installed & works fine.

Many thanks.



Cool mod  :D Here is the Dutch translation;

Quote// Drafts txt variables
$txt['permissionname_save_drafts'] = 'Kan topics als concept opslaan';
$txt['only_new_topics'] = 'Kan alleen nieuwe topics als concept opslaan.';
$txt['error_draft_not_saved'] = 'Er is iets fout gegaan. Het concept bericht is <b>niet</b> opgeslagen.';
$txt['draft_saved'] = 'Concept opgeslagen.';
$txt['draft'] = 'Concept';
$txt['showDrafts'] = 'Toon concept berichten';
$txt['no_drafts'] = 'Er zijn geen concept berichten te tonen.';
$txt['last_saved'] = 'Laatst opgeslagen';
$txt['lastSaved'] = 'Laatst opgeslagen';
$txt['delete_draft_confirm'] = 'Weet je zeker dat je dit concept wilt verwijderen?';
$txt['save_as_draft'] = 'Opslaan als concept';
$txt['draft_saved_short'] = 'Concept opgeslagen';
$txt['loadDrafts'] = 'Laad concept berichten';
$txt['hideDrafts'] = 'Verbergen';
$txt['post_draft_confirm'] = 'Weet je zeker dat je dit concept bericht wilt verzenden?';
$txt['drafts_postIt'] = 'Verzenden!';