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Child boards don't count towards main post/topic count?

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Is there any way to add up the child board post/topic count and display it on the main forum post count? At the moment my child boards have posts and topics, though the main forum just says 0 posts, 0 topics.

 - Matt.

Admin / Boards / Settings / Count child's posts in parent's totals

Although I think that will count down one child board level. So I don't think parent boards will count the totals of grandchildren boards if you have any.

oh man, i was also asking this myself.
akabugeyes could you explain what you just did, but in other words? i dont get what you mean :/

--- Quote ---Although I think that will count down one child board level
--- End quote ---

Explain how to reach the setting? In my post those are the links you have to follow to get to that setting and once you locate the setting you check the box next to it to enable it.

As for the quoted text what I mean is that a board on the board index can count in its own total posts and total topics count the posts made in a child board of itself. However if that child board also has a child board, the parent board I don't believe will count the topics and posts in its own total that were made in the child board's own child board.

Perhaps this will explain it better:

Parent Board [20 Topics] [50 Posts] [30 Topics Shown] [70 Posts Shown]
---Child Board of Parent Board [10 Topics] [20 Posts]
------Child Board of Child Board [1000 Topics] [2000 Posts]

Instead of an insanely high number of topics and posts shown for "Parent Board" because of the many made in the grandchild board, it only counts those made in a child board directly underneath it.

Bugeyes, it counts up to three levels.


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