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GoogleTagged v2.1
By [n3rve] | SONSiVRi | Yağız..

Every time a visitor is brought to a topic by a major search engine (Google/Yahoo/MSN/Ask/AOL/AllTheWeb), this modification grabs the search terms that were used and stores them.

Eg A visitor may have just searched for 'harry potter'.  If the visitor then clicked on a link to a topic on your forum, that url is often passed to the forum. eg
The script then grabs 'harry potter' and stores them as tags.

A random selection of each topics tags are shown at the bottom each topic. The more visitors who are brought to the topic by the same search terms, the more hits each tag gets, the larger it appears.  Tags which the match those of the visiting users search are also shown in a different color.

This mod will ONLY function properly if your forum
- is public (eg Most/all of your topics/posts must be viewable to guests so they can be spidered)
- does NOT have a robots.txt which disallows all spiders (as spiders would not be able to spider your site)
- That your forum is relatively well spidered already

The http_referer header isn't always sent by the browser.
Not all servers accept http referrer. It doesn't require register_globals to be on.

Includes two admin settings
o Enable/Disable GoogleTagged Mod
o Setting multiple searchterms are stored to individually or together (not recommended)
Admin Tag Management featuring..
o (Un)Ban tags
o Reset Tags (Sets hits for each tag at Zero)
o Optimize Tags (Removes tags for deleted topics and general optimization)
Filtering Of Keywords
o Words' length can be set in GoogleTagged settings, default is 3 minimum and 20 maximum.  Bad characters are stripped allowing only [-a-Z0-9].
o Automatic removal of lots of Common/Bad Terms ('the','them','d**k' etc)
Per-Topic Tag Cloud
o Show random tags of each topic (default 20)
Random Tags (default 50)
Show All Topics Related To A Tag (Paginated), sorted by 'hits'.

Please use the modification thread for support with this modification.

You are welcome to contribute via GitHub:

Language Support
o English /utf8
o Turkish /utf8      Thanks to SONSiVRi
All translations are welcome.

This mod is licensed under MIT License

Yağız... ©2010
[n3rve] ©2006 - 2008

wow marvelous good seo mod, you develop too smf 2.0 version?


--- Quote from: frony on July 15, 2008, 12:34:32 AM ---wow marvelous good seo mod, you develop too smf 2.0 version?

--- End quote ---

Thanks to Karl Frony ;)
A 2.0 version may be made available.


congratulations,i wait smf 2.0, this mod increase the web trafic :)


--- Quote from: frony on July 15, 2008, 03:13:44 PM ---this mod increase the web trafic :)

--- End quote ---

Yes and no...

Initially all it does is tell you which search terms are leading to which threads.

However - later on once Google starts going to the tagged pages themselves (which show the topics tagged by that search term) - it becomes an indexed page itself.  Very interesting at the least.

eg, here's a list of links which go to my GoogleTagged pages directly, I've had the mod on there a few weeks and have about 3,000 search terms linking in so far (only 300+ have been indexed as yet):



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