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Mambo bridge 2.0 beta 1

Started by Orstio, June 14, 2008, 11:09:30 PM

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Please download it from the bridge downloads page:

This bridge is compatible only with SMF 2.0 and Mambo 4.6.x. I strongly suggest you upgrade to SMF 2.0 b3.1 and Mambo 4.6.4 if you plan to bridge your forum with Mambo using this bridge.

For new installs:

Go to your Mambo admin panel. Go to the Installers menu, and click on Universal.

Click the Browse button, and find the bridge file you downloaded. Click Open.

Click the "Upload&Install" button.

Now go to the Components menu, and configure the bridge. Further details can be found in the readme.html in the zip package.

For upgrades from previous versions:

I have attached an upgrade package to this post.  Unzip the package, and upload it to your Mambo root folder.

Then go to your Mambo admin panel, to the bridge configuration.  There, you will now see an "Upgrade" tab.  Click the button in the Upgrade tab to upgrade the database.
  Will attach upgrade package shortly.

New features

SMF 2.0 comes with some new integration features and hooks which are used in this bridge.

The bridge will automatically remove the SMF HTML headers from your forum, no matter which theme you are using.

This bridge comes with a "News Board" function that will let you specify in the bridge config panel which SMF board and which Mambo category should be synched.  When a new topic is posted in the specified SMF board, it also posts it as a content item in the specified Mambo category.

NOTE -- The SMF_login and SMF_logout Mambots should not be used in conjunction with the mod_smf_login and CB login modules. If you wish to use either of these modules, please unpublish these two bots.

This bridge is released under the terms of the Simple Machines license. Please do not redistribute.