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Biology Forums:

A better way would be to create an index every time a search is conducted into a database table. Then call it out where it is needed.

Except that doesn't fix the case he's talking about, where the feed would update over time. Consider what a feed of 'searching for "help"' would look like - every time a new topic comes up that has that word in it, a new feed item would appear.

It's definitely possible to build the functionality, but it needs to be very carefully thought about - I've done it on some of the stuff I build professionally but that's not forum based, and the search feed was built very specifically for that one purpose. Doing it and still keeping it fast is a real challenge.

Biology Forums:
And not to be presumptions, but I don't think a small forum would require such functionality

His use case does make sense, somewhat.

In case someone is looking for the same solution as I was (and because it took me weeks to find the solution), hereby the solution that I finally found.

I wanted a RRS Feed that shows only the titles of the topics, but with the topic that had the most recent reaction always showing up on the top of the list.

I used the following format in the feed: https://www.xxxxxx.xx/index.php?action=.xml;sa=news;board=22;limit=5;type=rss2
and this reaction from 'Elhcay' put me on the right track, but the description wasn't that clear.

If you want the same, you'll have to edit in /Sources/News.php the following:


--- Code: ---ORDER BY t.id_first_msg DESC
--- End code ---

Replace with:

--- Code: ---ORDER BY t.id_last_msg DESC
--- End code ---

That's all...   ;)

I do still have a wish though, the date that shows up in front is the date if the original post, while I would like to see the date of the last reaction.


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