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Policy Change: User Signatures

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青山 素子:
Due to spammers registering here, not posting anything, and making spam links in their signature, we have had to implement a change in user permissions.

Starting now (17 July 2008), users will not be able to add profile information including a signature until they have made more than 10 posts. In addition, guests to the site will not be able to view any user profile. This second restriction may be lifted in the future.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and blame the spammers who ruin things for everybody.

I supose that the people with more than 25 posts are now called Semi-Newbie, I was wondering why there was a new membergroup, thanks for the explanation.


As a note the admins have lowered it to 10 posts.

Good, no one likes spam, or at least I don't...

Hoochie Coochie Man:
Good change..
But I really don't like to lifted the second restriction in the future..
Let it be always..


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