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Policy Change: User Signatures

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I also hate spammers. How could these charlatans do such a thing and ruin this hi-tech world.  It's easy to conduct diplomacy, but sometimes we run out of it.

I fully support the rule, but some members only register to be able to read all the boards, because there's no need posting the same question if there question is already answered.

Now that explains why I cannot edit my signature. I was looking for it all over the place.

"SPAM" was a terrible thing when it was just a form of canned Pork meat, popular amongst the less well off in the 1970's.

Anything that can be done to reduce the amount of either type in circulation gets my vote :)


ten post seem like a good rule, and i agree with just keeping the profiles limited to members only

it is not difficult to join at all so if someone really wants to read the profiles join.


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