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can't log out


Hmmmm... yesterday I installed 2.0 beta 3.1 and i am using Shiny Blue Theme.  No problems until today. For the last half hour I have been unable to log out. 

I can click anything in the menu bar and it works fine except log out.  I click log out and you are waiting to see the board logged out but you are still logged in. I tried it 100 times.

I even cleared all my cache files thinking it might be that but still cannot log out.  Any ideas  :P 

ok just checked error log.. geez 600 errors since yesterday and i am the only member with no mods.. how is that possible?

Regarding the post above i see this error below... any ideas how i can fix this... thanks anyone :);sesc 
Unable to verify referring url. Please go back and try again.

Edite from above = I take it back this error above i got when i could still log out... now i cannot log out at all

ok this is a follow up sorry but i might have found the problem.  Ok i noticed this morning the server settings had my forum URL without the www so added the www

Since i could not log out i thought could this possibly be the reason?  So i changed the server settings removing the www from the URL and i was able to log out.  The problem is now if i use the www to reach the forum i cannot log in with my user name and password.  I can only sign in when the forum URL is reached without the www.  So how can i end this cycle? lol

See if this helps...

Use repair_settings.php and make sure that the database information is correct. Then click on the Recommended values. Save the changes. That should restore your forum back to working order. Delete the repair_settings.php file once you are done.

Ok thanks.. i did this and discovered my forum URL had the www but things like Avatar, Smileys, Default Theme URL, Default Theme Images URL did not have the www.  I have made them all the same and everything appears fine. Not sure how i screwed that up but all is ok now!  Thanks!     


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