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Another 2.0 update...

Started by Grudge, August 02, 2008, 03:51:30 AM

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Time has come once again for another update on where we are and why everyone is not using beta 4 right now. To help explain some of the underlying causes for the delay I am currently on the train for a weekend away. Last weekend I was also on a train for a weekend a way. Two weekends before I was also on a train, for a long weekend away. Yes, sadly we have hit the summer and hence the usual time at which developer may open their curtains and sometimes even go outside.

Clearly this is not particularty constructive in terms of shipping the next beta. Particularly when it appears our beta team are getting rather good at their job and filing more bugs than you could possibly ever dream of. Fortunately though we've got a bit of extra help recently and winrules has been officially made a dev. Bloc is also back working his way through some theme issues and I've managed to get through a fair load of bugs this week.

So, what does this mean? It means progress on beta 4 appears slow but as a result many more bugs have been found and fixed which should reduce the amount of other releases before gold. Sadly I cant say when beta 4 will be out as its pending a couple of important fixes - however we will keep pushing for a release this month. In the time thank you all for your continued support.

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Thanks for the update Grudge. Its nice to know that things are moving forward.

It sounds like things are going well, with finding and fixing bugs. Its definitely worth the wait for a more stable and better piece of software. Good luck with the coding. :D

Hopefully the beta team will all come down with mysterious illnesses, so that you can release a new version. :P

Oh, and congratulations to winrules on becoming a Dev. ;D
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Thanks for the update, Grudge. Enjoy your weekend. :)

And congratulations on the well-deserved promotion, winrules! :D


Good to hear some new from you Grudge. Hope you have a good weekend. :)

Exactly Aäron, it's a "well-deserved promotion". Congrats winrules.
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Congratulations for Winrules on promotion.
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Now I am confused, I can't say what is better :P

One new Dev on the team is something that we (users) see like a guarantee that SMF has progress and for what I saw winrules is a great choice! Congratulations!

About Beta 4, I was totally surprised to see that we have an EXPECTED release for soon, I only use Gold versions on my community but I can't wait to put the Beta 4 on my test forum ;)

Thanks for the updates and once again, congratulations winrules ;)
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So grudge wants the beta team to slack off and stop finding bugs. :P
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I'm sure I'll find another free day to do some bug hunting.

Nao 尚

SleePy> well, if he asks nicely, we may start thinking about that :D
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Good work
For all
iam stil here too wait for stable


I am glad to see that its getting worked on and another dev has come :)

Can't wait for Beta 4 =]

Eliana Tamerin

No karl, slack off! :P S-L-A-C-K! You can find the bugs for RC1. ;)
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