Author Topic: PLEASE HELP! Mongolian fonts (cyrillic fonts) appearing WRONG. WHY?  (Read 7467 times)

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There's a smf forum in Mongolian language. All outer language files are in Mongolian, never had time to translate fully the remaining languagae files. So through the back door the admin works with English texts. But users see on the outside only Monbgolian words and buttons.

Now when I started forum again using smf, the fonts can't happen right. Why? Admin->forum maintenence-> convert database to UTF8 etc are done. Yet when Mongolian fonts are entered they become question marks. Can somebody help?

Mongolian fonts like: өөхманга үүыоб өриөөб мө
өб бөм имөм тиөм тиө тиөмтибөмнншжгаэө 

And here in this forum, the above fonts appear ok. What's wrong with the above website? Any help is appreciated.

Tried changing the language setting to Russian to see ifcyrillic fonts will appear correctly, but to no avail. Russian buttons were ok. But fonts were problem. So regardless of changing language setting , choosing UTF language thru admin did not help.

Any suggestion is appreciated very much.
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