How stable is 2?

Started by gaima, August 11, 2008, 07:18:44 AM

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I've been asked to setup another install of SMF for a separate product/project, and would very much like to make it postgresql backed.
I know the download page says "we do not suggest running" "on a production site", but is 2.0 really not suitable, or is that the devs just being extra cautious?



2.0 is pretty stable but is still in development as you know. They aren't too many mods and themes for it now. Beta testers are still finding bugs, some users currenlty run the Beta.
It all depends on you but as the devs stated, I won't suggest running the Beta on a production site as well.
Good Luck :)

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Mysql support is most stable.

I am aware of a few bugs affecting some functionalities of postgresql that have been reported and fixed for beta 4 (when that is released [timeframe:before you ask, "when its ready"].

I'd recommend setting up both versions, and trying them out for yourself.