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file to edit the default message icons

Started by Zalvador, August 07, 2008, 01:58:10 PM

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SMFv2 beta 3.1
Custom theme.
Author Myself

Which Files do you need to edit the default message icons

I want to change the text and images. I know where to insert the images in the Theme/sage/images/post folder. But as of yet I have not located the files to edit.

In a search of the forum similar question was asked in SMF 1.x Support But was solved in SMF 1.x Support before I could ask. As I have SMFv2 beta 3.1 the solution does not answer the question I have. So I re-posted in the SMF 2.x Support section. I hope this is correct practice.

The link for the SMF 1.x Support

Thank you in advance for any help I may receive.



Replace on.gif (new posts), on2.gif (new posts on child board), off.gif (no new posts), new_some.gif (Make a copy of on.gif name it this), new_none (same as what I said, but with off.gif)


bros thanks for your attention on this subject.

The icons or images you are talking about our Posts

I am looking for the Message Icons

Below is a attachment so you can see just which ones I am looking for. I know that the images them selves are in the Theme/sage/images/post folder. I want the files to edit.

Again thank you for replying.


I have my own custom icons that I want to use. Like a cup of coffee or an easel.

I need to edit a file to create the text I want like the word easel for the icon [/b]easel[/b]


You have to enable (tick) "Enable customized message icons" first by going to Admin => Smileys and Message Icons=> Settings. An "Edit Message Icons" button will appear. You can now [Add new icon] or modify existing icon.
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Nice. Thank you very much. Just tried it. Very Nice!. Worked like a charm,

Thank you JohnyB and  bros for the help.