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Attempt at replicating smileys + some custom new ones!!

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Well I can say I tried... the first one is simply an attempt to replicate this familiar fellow:  :)

Btw I gotta congratulate whoever designed them in the first place... they're just great (if not at times constipated ;))! :P

Now a cool blue version:

And... a very pinkish shy/inlove one:

And FINALLY... our favourite bugger... evil smiley!!

Oh and I do realise the border of my smileys isn't strong enough.. its a matter of me adjusting the transparent matte colour..

geez looking at them now I REALLY need to tweak them.. haha  :'(

I was just about to say that they look like they could be related someway, but that they're no longer part of the family.

Probably that damn constipation problem.

Actually, I think the problem is really that I mis-names a graphic.  That smiley is *supposed* to be the one with the larger smile, and the one next to it is *supposed* to be winking at me. while smiling.

Not a huge issue for now, but I'll fix it before next week.


alienine - the blue one is very very nice ;)


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