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Started by olabaz, August 12, 2008, 10:01:55 PM

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Does smf 2.0 come with a topic solved mod or is there one I have to download?


As far as I am aware, unless I have been blind, lol. Their is no topic solved by default, and I only see a mod for 1.1.x (


JohnyB  gives a simple why to add your own button to the Post Message Icon that would allow you to add a SOLVED Icon at this link.


K, that worked only how do I make it lock the topic when they do that, and how do I make it come up in the board.  Because it only changed when I modified the first post, not when I made a new post and changed the icon.

And how does SMF have it.


As far as I have read. You can not lock a post using the Post Message Icons with SMF 2x. Even here at SMF they don't lock when members or staff solve a problem.

You can add you own solved Icon the way JohnyB explains it. Then when it is solved you can check the Post message Icons then pick your solved icon. You can do this from the post with out opening up the post and modifying it.

Click o the image to enlarge.


Yeah everything works perfect except that you have to change the first post icon, if you do another one it won't work.


Well as it works here, the solved icon doesn't lock the topic and it also only works if it's the first icon.  So that is by design.  We use a, I assume, heavily modified version of that first mod linked too.
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