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Post Award Mod

Started by joshuam08, August 21, 2008, 05:16:12 AM

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I Am Wanting To Find A Mod That Automaticlly Gives Out Awards When People Have A Certain Amount Of Post (Eg If Someone Gets 50 Posts They Get I High Poster Award).

Also If It Is Possible I Would Like One That I Could Add My Own Awards via ACP Or Member Profiles. And I Possible One That Also Could Automatically Give Someone An Award If They HAd The Most Posts In A Month Like A Poster Of The Month Award.

Thanks :P
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For per month just make a group in normal special groups. And for post groups you can change or make new names for a certain post amount. If you do the special group just go to their profile and switch in on account settings. It's built into Simple Machines. Btw if you want new pictures instead of stars just make an image with same file name edit the special group and then on your host go into /smf/themes/default/images/ and put your file in it. I hope this helped at least a little bit.