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Started by Mr_Cat, September 07, 2008, 04:29:40 PM

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I've just got wamp up and running as a test for a new site, and I've installed the forum and got it all runing fine on //localhost [nofollow]

I have got no-ip running so I can serve it up easily to test it as close to online as possible. I can get to the first page of the forum, as can friends elsewhere using my no-ip address. However, when I click to register or login my browser address changes from http://no-ip [nofollow] address to http://localhost [nofollow] and when remote friends try to register or login they just get a 'cannot displey the page'...

Any ideas in as much idiot-proof speak as possible why they can't get more that the main page and why the browser jumps to localhost? Not sure if it's wamp or the forum...



Welcome to SMF.

Use repair_settings.php and make the necessary changes in the paths and URLs on the bottom so it matches what you want. Save the changes. Delete the repair_settings.php file once you are done.