SMF not finding avatars/attachments

Started by RedCairo, September 12, 2008, 06:39:49 AM

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Please delete. I found the problem. "Browse files" in avatars and attachments, in the admin section, does not show you anything that is actually in the avatars and attachments directory... it merely shows you what USERS are uploading... stuff sitting there by default in FTP is not visible in that admin panel. My misunderstanding.

Damn I hate to post this 'cause I know it has to be some stupidity on MY part... I've searched (forum and web), I've read FAQ, and everything seems like it OUGHT to work -- it isn't rocket science! (you'd think).

I'm using SMF 2.0 beta 4

My forum directory for Themes for example which works FINE is:
base URL is:

My base forum URL, which works fine in the files/chmod listing for example, is:

I have CHMOD the directories for attachments and avatars, at:
both to 777 (recursive, subfolders have that as well).

I have tried every imaginable alternative path since the defaults didn't work, then restored the defaults. I've put files in the root avatars/attachments directories, instead of an avatars subdirectory (such as /Actors), and back. I've CHMOD from 777 to 755 back to 777 folders and files. I've added/removed trailing slash from path.

Yet when I am in admin and I am attempting to 'browse files' to SEE something like avatars, it finds nothing... nothing at all. This is a default setting, it's there on FTP, the files are the right format, everything is like "super obvious" -- but it's not finding them! Does anybody have ANY clue what I'm doing wrong?

(SMF 2 is beautiful, by the way.)



No need to delete the topic. This allows users whom make this same mistake be able to resolve it without having to create topics. :)

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