Is favicon.ico diff in 2.0/B4, and what's the spec?

Started by RedCairo, September 19, 2008, 12:22:10 AM

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I searched on this, but there's tons of stuff from old versions, and the list of things that came up from this board didn't actually address favicon.

I made a favicon.ico and I put it in the root directory of my forum ( and eventually nearly every other directory trying to get it to pick it up. I didn't really want it to be the default for my entire domain, but I finally put it in the root directory of the domain too, to get it to work. And it's still not working.

Is it that I manually have to clear cache (which I'm resisting doing for other reasons)? Is there some META code that I need to add? I see mods -- but this is for 1.x versions -- is this required? I searched all the menus in SMF admin and didn't find anything that mentioned it.

I feel kinda guilty bugging people with such trivia but since I have the question maybe others do too.



Add this to index.template.php
<link rel="shortcut icon" href=""/>
Steven Hoffman
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I'm told that ccwtimewiz hopes to update the favicon mod (which he recently took over from me) to work on smf 2.x in the near future