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Top Topics for the last X days

Started by Enc0der, January 29, 2005, 09:50:05 AM

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I would love to see an enhanced version of the <?php ssi_topTopicsViews(); ?> function, that will have a argument $days and will show only the top topics (Views / Replies) for the last X days.

This is important because the current functions gets threads from years ago, and that is - of course - not actual, and pretty useless.

I believe it should be fairly easy and only require a little change on the ssi_topTopics's db_query.

Please make the Top Topics function useable !  :P

Thanks !


ok, I did it by myself...

just added to the db_query:
AND m.posterTime >= " . (time() - $days * 86400) . "
where $days is the number of days back to include.