"Started by" shows only member numbers, not names

Started by edsager, October 12, 2008, 06:11:47 PM

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Hello All,

I think the conversion went fine, though it seemed to stall at the very end and rendered Firefox frozen, but the number of members and posts are all correct and so is the list of members.

However, when I look at the Board index or anything which shows the members (except for the memberlist), I get numbers and not names. 

In YaBB 2.2.3, the individual posts listed the names correctly, though elsewhere, the members were listed by number (except for the memberlist).  I got rid of the mention of the members in YaBB everywhere except for the posts, which had the names correct.

Is there a way to change the numbers to names in SMF, especially in the posts?

Thank you,



Numbers are shown for members in many of the posts and topics, though not all. 

Topics with ID_MEMBER_STARTED = 0 total about 2373 out of 37,898.
Messages with ID_MEMBER = 0 total about 61,230 out of 95,021.

This is a closed BB which will be distributed on CD with Server2Go portable server, so having "anonymous" is better than "11250" as a name for the poster.

Is there any way to code a sieve which returns the word "anonymous" when ID_MEMBER_STARTED & ID_MEMBER are listed as equal to 0?



untested, but this should help (please make a Backup from your database before!!)

open phpMyAdmin and execute the following query
UPDATE smf_messages SET posterName = 'anonymous', '' AS posterEmail  WHERE ID_MEMBER = 0
replace smf_ with your table prefix..
this will replace the posterName to 'anonymous' and delete the posterEmail for all unassigned messages


If you are getting "11250" as the name for the poster. Yabb changed over to use member ids. So I would assume 11250 is the member id that didn't get linked up correctly during the conversion.
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I thought about that, but the highest ID_MEMBER in the smf_members table is 9266 and none of the members in this table have a value of 0.  Examples of Nos. I get instead of the members' names are:  18084, staff19135, 22273, 7919, 9278, etc.  Is there something I can change with the conversion process which would help this?


Thank you.  If I cannot get the actual names for the posters, I will use your bit of code.

Thank  you both,


Go to your yabb members directory. Is there members with that for their id? Which would be the name of the file with a few different extensions.
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