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Help 2.0 Beta 4 is not recognizing new registrants!

Started by dblast, October 01, 2008, 12:22:58 PM

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Hi everyone, I've got a problem with my upgrade. 2.0 Beat 4 is not recognizing new membership applications. I tested it after noticing it said 'one member awaiting approval' but did not show the member in the manage members section.

I registered as a test, was sent an e-mail now it says 'two members awaiting approval' yet its not showing up in the manage member section so I can't approve them.

I'm a rank newbie.



Gimme ur URL,

1st..have you enabled to require activation method right?


Moved to 2.x Support Boards :)

[Bug]0002577: "Undefined index: totalMembers" when viewing members awaiting activation
The number of members requiring approval wasn't collected quite right.

Open ./Sources/ManageMembers.php

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$context['activation_numbers'][$row['is_activated']] = $row['totalMembers'];

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Well I changed the line but I also change the setting to activation by e-mail.

But now it won't recognize new posts when I click on show unread posts. Any ideas? It shows no post yet there are new posts.


This is a separate issue. Did you try all unread posts? If you just click on unread posts when you are still logged in, it will probably not show up. It's show unread posts since last visit/login....since you are already logged in, it may not show up.


So If I'm logged in it will email me, and highlight the forums the new post are in but wont show the post in a recent post form like in previous versions?

That sucks. In prior versions you just clicked that link logged or not and you got a list of post since you visited last. Now I have to look at the highlighted boards, there's got to be a better way.



To the best of my knowledge it should show new posts since last visit though.  Are you sure you've not looked at the boards or marked them as read since.

How are your sessions stored?  Cookie or db based.
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