Theme changes from 1.1.x to 2.0

Started by nukinfuts, October 03, 2008, 01:21:52 PM

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The upgrade from 1.1.6 to 2.0 Beta 4 Public went flawlessly, and upgraded the templates of all my themes as expected. The core theme and other default themes are all working correctly. The issue is with my third party theme. If it matters it is Solitude by Crip (love the work btw).

Everything appears to be fine until you read a topic, and it will appear distorted. The only package currently installed is the WYSIWYG Enhance Quick Reply, but the issue is present even when the mod is not.

I'm thinking its a layer issue, as i recall reading that 2.0 uses a different <layer>x,x</layer> setup, but i cant find the thread or recall where to modify this at. Any help is appreciated, here is a link to the forum:


I cant find a topic anywhere outlining what to change to bring the theme to being compatible with 2.0. Am i just missing something obvious in my search?


Nobody? Seriously?

I found the layers post i was thinking of, it was the theme builder post in regards to the info xml file and made no change. I'm realizing i need to change coding in the theme for the 2.0 system, but i can find no thread/info telling me what to change or at least giving me a direction.


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Did you try posting in the theme's support topic? This is not a question for general support as it's an outdated theme issue. Most theme authors are probably waiting for SMF 2.0 to go final before they will update their themes.


I did not because Crip has enough dropped in front of him every day without asking him to create a 2.x friendly version of a theme. 2.x is still beta (obviously) so from a developer standpoint it wouldnt be the best time for him to take on such a project.

I posted here because this is where the smf developers and testers are. It's obviously an outdated theme issue, one that i wish to correct myself in the interest of time. The best method for finding out what has changed between 1.1.x and 2.x in regards to the templates/themes would be to ask the people who would know, ie smf developers an/or testers.

I cant imagine that i am the first person looking to update a 1.1 theme to 2.0. And being that 2.0 has been around for quite a while (albeit maybe not to the public) its a safe bet that someone reading this forum knows the answer.


25 hour bump. This cant be such an impossible topic, and i cant believe that it hasnt been covered or documented somewhere i just cant find.


the problem with it is the number of changes is quite vast, you will needto go through the theme and check all the text strings and such are updated.

Unfortunatley at this stage I dont think there will be an actual tutorial on how to do this (there was never one for smf 1.0 to smf 1.1) and I cant see a smf 1.1 to smf 2 one being made, all I can advise is look at the files and see whats missing etc.


i figured it out and converted it, i just havent had time to compile a walk through.