Password length (Admins, Moderators)

Started by BBC, October 22, 2008, 12:19:27 PM

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Is there a way to decide password length for admins and moderators separately?

I mean ordinary users will have min. 4-6 characters, Moderators at least 8 and Admins at least 8 (mixed letters and numbers)??


Not in the default design. Whatever password strength you set in the forum will be applied to all. I suggest keeping it that way also and not to set anything below medium.

If you still would like to see this feature, we can move it over to the Mod Request board for you.


Thank you, but there is no need for this.

I meant not to have complicated passwords for users because it´s not popular among them and have more complicated for admins because someone kan do much harm if they guess admin´s password.


I see....just tell them to use stronger passwords. I wouldn't worry about it too much as SMF, in a way, has a built in brute-force "blocking" mechanism. After 3 failed attempts, SMF will ask you to enter your email so it can send you a link to reset your password ;)

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It's not easy to do that. The encrypted version of any password in SMF will always be 40 characters long regardless of how long the original password was. Set it to medium and just ignore your users if they complain - if they want to register badly enough, they'll find a way to make a password that's at least 8 characters long and doesn't contain any part of their username or email address.
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