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Re: Mass Delete/Prune Recycle Bin
« Reply #20 on: April 12, 2012, 04:01:04 PM »
edi67, is this issue resolved now?

If you don't mind it emptying everything from that recycle bin board, you can run something like the following in phpMyAdmin:

Go into phpMyAdmin and click on your database. Then click on the SQL tab and copy paste the following code and run it:

Code: [Select]
DELETE FROM smf_messages WHERE id_board = X
Where X is the board ID of the recycle bin you want to have the posts/topics emptied.

Once that's done, go into Admin->Forum Maintenance and run the following:

Optimize all tables to improve performance.
Find and repair any errors.
Recount all forum totals and statistics.

This may apply to you also SunKing.

Sorry, I know this topic is old, but if you're like me and find old, but helpful topics from doing a Google search, this might help.

The above suggestion did delete the posts. However, it did not delete the topics. I had nothing visible in my Trash forum, but still had 63 pages. I ran the same query, but used smf_topics, but that still didn't help.

Due to a mod I have installed, things completely crashed on me, so I'm not sure if after running the forum maintenance suggestions it would have worked or not.

For future reference, can anyone offer some help as to how delete the posts and the topics/topic count?