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Started by wwe9112, October 12, 2008, 09:39:39 PM

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I remember a while back on one of the other smf versions that when I was posting stuff I wouldn't have to code it I could copy like a pic from another site and paste it on's not working now, and yes I have WYSIWYG enabled. How do I fix this? It made it so much more fun to post lol. Thanks.


I'm not aware of this feature in the WYSIWYG editor even. I know it will copy over text formatting (like bold, color, etc.).


HMM...I could of swore I was doing it...maybe it was vbulletin when I had one...I'm terribly sorry for this.


vBull does indeed have the ability to copy images over. I have however only been able to do it on the html editor for vBull which I find easier to use sometimes and then just lacking "power" others. Might be something someone could make a mod to do though...

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Yea, I'd deff like to do it. Or even as a default thing, where you can turn it off or on...


Well as long as you have the WYSIWYG is enable and you copy the image from the source site then it should paste into the post as an image.

What version of 2.x are you using and have you got any mods installed?
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