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Accounts deleted ... posts remain

Started by SpectroPro, October 14, 2008, 01:58:34 AM

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Ok.. this is damned annoying.. As an admin I can delete an account.  When I do this, I am given options of what to do with their posts and topics. 

WHY then, is this option not available when the person deletes their own account, and admins must approve?   I have admin approve turned on.  So, I see they want to delete.  My only option is yes or no. 

I guess I could choose no, then delete myself, but that's an ass stupid way to do this..  Shouldn't the option of what to do with their posts & topics show up here as well?  Yes, it should..

I now have 5 account, where the users have deleted their account.  I approved the deletions.  All their posts now show up under their name, with guest under it.  The accounts are gone, so I can't do anything that way.

I could do a search for all their posts in the search area, but, you MUST search for a word...  That makes this a very unfriendly way of attempting this, as you would have to guess at words used.  And hope you get them all..  Since they have to be 2 chars long, you can't use an obvious one 'I'  and you can't use wildcards in that field. 

In other words, I have many hundreds of posts and topics by people that are no longer on my board, I want them gone, and the ONLY way this is possible, seems to be going through every single one of the boards and topics (10000's) and looking for them, and deleting..  This is crap!!!!

As I don't remember every name of the people I approve to delete, I can't do the hack of assigning their posts to a bs account and then deleting that account and posts/topics... 

Is there any way to do this in 2b4 that I am missing???   I want these posts gone, but really don't feel like spending 10 hours to do it...


- Greg
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- Greg


Thanks for that...  But, I need these posts let's return to my original post and question....  :)

- Greg
Stats:  SMF v. 2b4  -  Mambo v4.65  -  Bridge v2.0b1
- Greg



I just go through the database, click on the messages table, run a search for users "0"and delete them that way.


Yes, as said above, any messages in the message table with a id_member of 0 are typically guest posts, or in your case, posts of deleted members.  After you do this though, you should do a find for errors and recount forum totals and stats (in that order).
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It would be better to aim your SQL query at this person's email address or other distinguishing characteristic unless you want to delete ALL such guest (and deleted account) posts.


Thanks all..  and yeah, I do NOT want to delete all their posts.. Guess I'll have to do some serious hunting.. 

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Stats:  SMF v. 2b4  -  Mambo v4.65  -  Bridge v2.0b1
- Greg