"Edit other people's custom titles"

Started by Whelk, October 14, 2008, 04:18:32 PM

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Regarding the "Edit other people's custom titles" permission:

I've given a membergroup this permission and have a test account set with the membergroup as their primary group.  However, when they view other peoples' profiles, they cannot change their custom titles.  There are no links on the side of the profile page.  I'm assuming they'd need a link to the "Forum Profile" page in order to change the custom title.

Is this permission working as intended?  Is there a different way to get into a user's profile so that you can change their custom title?


Has nobody else gotten this to work either?


Can I get a comment from the staff on whether this feature is working as intended or not?  Is it a bugged and currently nonfunctional feature?


Sorry for the delay in replying...short on staff ;)

Will have the developers look into this to see why this is not working as intended. For now you have to enable the following also to get that working but it may give them too much access over the user profile (which you probably don't want):

Edit account settings
Edit additional profile settings