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Started by Taneon, October 19, 2008, 10:57:56 AM

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I am curently going to smf 2 and i have some last questions.
I would like to install some mods, but they are for version 1.1.6 or 2b3.1 and I am using 2b4.0. What am i wondering is how to modifiy mods to work on beta4.0?

I was looking thru the site and the forum and i havent found anywhere where the list or something like that exists.
I can find my way around php, but still not good enough to just know it from air. So a topic or a post or something, if there is such a thing, to help me upgrade mods to work for newest version.

Thank you


The Package manager has a little box at the bottom that allows you to emulate any SMF version. Try that first, they might well work!
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Often it is quite technical and requires significant changes to adapt SMF 1.x mod packages to work on 2.x SMFs due to architectural and other changes which have been included to expand SMF and make it easier to write code for. Unfortunately the changed files are often incompatible with earlier versions.

For a specific mod package ask for help in the mod package support topic. If you wish to do the work yourself ask in the Coding Discussion board. Be aware that you will not be able to distribute your modified mod packages without the author's consent.