Started by Nibogo, October 19, 2008, 11:41:06 AM

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Oh, okay, cool. My apologies. Thanks for providing that.  :)
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Im sorry if this has been answered before, but I can't go through 145 pages of a support thread lol

im getting blank entries. Im running 2.0.19 and using the free version you get here.

here is an example...  What could be causing this

This database started in 2007 then went dormant in 2012, then i reuploaded the site in 2015, dormant 2018 .. removed completely in 2020 ... and 3 days ago, I did a fresh install of 2.0.19 through godaddy, and deleted the fresh installs database, and uploaded the one i last used in 2018...

Side note the forum refreshes painfully slow after I post a new thread, or edit an old thread and try to move the thread, BUT refreshed fast if I dont edit an old thread but just move it.

any help I would greatly appreciate

here is how the shout posts

Mike Dijital [22|Jul 09:03 PM]:   hard time with this old datbase
Mike Dijital [22|Jul 09:04 PM]:   its been like trying to jam
Mike Dijital [22|Jul 09:04 PM]:   a square peg in a round hole
R3D [23|Jul 11:50 AM]:   
R3D [23|Jul 11:50 AM]:   i wont be using a forumon my site....
R3D [23|Jul 11:51 AM]:   if its cool with you, ill add a link to here
R3D [23|Jul 12:11 PM]:   seems you have to keep them very short
R3D [23|Jul 12:13 PM]:   
R3D [23|Jul 12:21 PM]:   right on
R3D [23|Jul 12:21 PM]:   im not going to add a forum to my site...
R3D [23|Jul 12:23 PM]:   
R3D [23|Jul 12:25 PM]:   pre d5? was that neuea?


Hi guys

is there any way to make the input field with the [send] button at the right extend to the full width of the block and place the smiley buttons underneath?


hi, if i install will it automaticly intall into my theme or do i need to do anything for that, still learning so the little code etc needed the better for me, been a few years since i've done a site and things have changed 


I'm running the Pro version but if memory serves, you shouldn't have to do anything theme-wise. Since everything installs in Sources, the default theme or with hooks, you shouldn't have any problem.
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ok thank you for reply,,,i will give it a  been along time since i've worked on a site,,alot of rust...


worked like a charm,,,Thank You to developer and help...its truly awesome

i havent been on here in a few years and impressed as always,,agaain my thanks


got an error, what needs to be done and how please...

preg_replace(): The /e modifier is no longer supported, use preg_replace_callback instead

can someone show me what and where to i see 2 places where it might go i have included error message (1st attachment)and a page it shows/gave me for error line 317 (third attachment) and my page in server line 317 (2nd attachment), do i put preg_replace_callback beside the $msg);    like this..        $msg); preg_replace_callback          and only there on line 317?  any space after the $msg); or no space ?...thanks in advance,,


I'm honestly surprised that's still a problem given that support for the "/e" modifier was dropped in PHP 7.0, which was released in December 2015. Unfortunately I don't know enough about that to be any help, but hopefully someone else can help.
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Which package at the download site did you download?
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I downloaded from here on smf from chat mods? SMF Packs, i believe the folder I downloaded said on it once downloaded, shoutbox lite


havent had any new errors and been testing the chat.. should I edit the above post edits or leave it be?


You probably can't edit it by now anyway so leave it be and we'll go with your last post.
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can I ask why it would be to late to edit?  a new member chat post didnt take effect was blank on the chat, did not show and I got another error there is some kind of glitch at times? any idea what it could be if not that edit needed?


You asked about editing previous posts in the topic; you get I think an hour from time of posting to do so, therefore you won't be able to edit previous posts at this point.


what I meant was do the edits mentioned in a previous post I did above this one,,,theres an edit for the chat that came up in an error message..I was asking if I should do that edit to fix issues with the chat box,  the above post I meant to refer to is #2888 above
if read that post you'll see what edit I meant ...asking exactly how I should do it.. its an edit on a line in chat script.. the above post shows error message attachments

sorry I didnt explain better earlier


Just repost what your current situation is.
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OK Here goes,,,after installing this chat, downloaded from here at smf mods,(shoutboxlite) once tested, it gives an error, then it also gives example of what to replace on line 317, so I wanted to know exactly what the change should be, and look like so I dont mess it up..I will attach screenshots of the error(attachment #1) , the line 317 it recommends and shows with the error(attachment#2)and my actual script/page showing the line 317 in server,(attachment#3)  and if someone can show me exactly what it should look like (line317) to be correct please,,if I leave whats there and add to it or delete anything etc,,would be greatly appreciated..Thanks