Started by Nibogo, October 19, 2008, 11:41:06 AM

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Oh, okay, cool. My apologies. Thanks for providing that.  :)
DO NOT pm me for support!


Im sorry if this has been answered before, but I can't go through 145 pages of a support thread lol

im getting blank entries. Im running 2.0.19 and using the free version you get here.

here is an example...  What could be causing this

This database started in 2007 then went dormant in 2012, then i reuploaded the site in 2015, dormant 2018 .. removed completely in 2020 ... and 3 days ago, I did a fresh install of 2.0.19 through godaddy, and deleted the fresh installs database, and uploaded the one i last used in 2018...

Side note the forum refreshes painfully slow after I post a new thread, or edit an old thread and try to move the thread, BUT refreshed fast if I dont edit an old thread but just move it.

any help I would greatly appreciate

here is how the shout posts

Mike Dijital [22|Jul 09:03 PM]:   hard time with this old datbase
Mike Dijital [22|Jul 09:04 PM]:   its been like trying to jam
Mike Dijital [22|Jul 09:04 PM]:   a square peg in a round hole
R3D [23|Jul 11:50 AM]:   
R3D [23|Jul 11:50 AM]:   i wont be using a forumon my site....
R3D [23|Jul 11:51 AM]:   if its cool with you, ill add a link to here
R3D [23|Jul 12:11 PM]:   seems you have to keep them very short
R3D [23|Jul 12:13 PM]:   
R3D [23|Jul 12:21 PM]:   right on
R3D [23|Jul 12:21 PM]:   im not going to add a forum to my site...
R3D [23|Jul 12:23 PM]:   
R3D [23|Jul 12:25 PM]:   pre d5? was that neuea?


Hi guys

is there any way to make the input field with the [send] button at the right extend to the full width of the block and place the smiley buttons underneath?